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I went from Minnesota to Mississippi and I'm glad to be back home in Georgia

In April when I was putting little seedlings in the ground.  Now old cucumber vines are baking in the August heat, the kitchen counter is overflowing with figs, tomatoes, and okra, and the fruit flies insist that I attend to the harvest. I will get back to jam making, chopping, and pickling. But, the best place to be right now is in the air-conditioned dining room, thinking back on the summer and looking forward to autumn.

At the beginning of August, I took a trip to Mississippi. I used up every last drop of my Louisville Institute study grant to pay for gas and a writing retreat with the Southern Foodways Alliance.  It was such an honor to meet and work with John T Edge and Sara Camp Milam and the other 5 writers who are exploring intersections of food, race, history, farming, migration, economics and culture through the lens of southern food.  I worked on a piece about growing Purple Kingsessing beans in my Georgia garden and all the memories it conjured up about the years I…

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