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Mississippi Stories

So, if you have been following this blog longer than a week you will be surprised that I am posting again. I usually average about three or four posts a year.  But it's January and I am inspired and excited and it’s too cold for me to be distracted with outdoor things so you are getting more writing, yay!  Last summer the editors at the Christian Century asked me if I would like to visit the new Civil Rights Museum in Mississippi and write about it for their magazine.  I jumped at the opportunity. They even helped pay for the trip!  I also used money from my Louisville Institute grant and tacked this trip on to a visit to the Federation for Southern Farmer’s Cooperative in Epes, Alabama, where I was born (…I'll have to write more on that later).  I brought my fifteen-year-old son while my husband and daughters stayed home to tend the chickens and dogs. I asked my brother and his dog Stripes to come up from New Orleans and meet up with us in Jackson. (For the record, I paid th…

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