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End of Summer Epistle

My kids started school at the beginning of this month so it feels like summer is over, even though it’s only the middle of August. Temperatures are still in the 90’s, but I feel autumn coming to northeast Georgia as the leaves on the blueberry bushes turn red, and the first yellowing leaves are falling from the pecan tree.  It feels good to be getting up and out of the house at the same time every cool morning and to fall asleep earlier at night.  I’m starting to get myself into a better writing rhythm which also feels good. It's time for picking lots of tomatoes and making dill pickles. The problem with not writing in a while is that I don't know where to begin or what all to include.  I can't cover all the events of the past few months, but I hope you'll get yourself a cup of tea and read this like it's a long letter,  hand-scrawled on legal paper and mailed to you in a nicely stamped envelope.     Back in November of 2017, I found out that I was selected as one…

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