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A few Book Reviews

I wrote a few book reviews in recent months. My kids couldn't believe that I was so excited to get invited to write book reports. But, they do think its kind of cool and weird to see my name in the magazines on the coffee table.

Below are links to the reviews as well as a little background story.

1.) I met Camille Dungy when she did a poetry reading at an AME church in Athens, GA.  I loved how she honored that sacred space with her own words and by reading the words of other poets that had shaped her.  It was spring break and so my children were out of school and my parents, sister, and young niece were in town.  They wouldn't have chosen to spend a sunny spring afternoon at a poetry reading but they all came and enjoyed it.  When she was finished I asked her to sign my copies of a powerful anthology that she edited called Black Nature: Four Centuries of African American Nature Poetry and a collection of her own poems called What to Eat, What to Drink and What to Leave for Poi…

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