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Vultures and Unmarked Graves

I wrote this short essay for Good Letters, the blog of Image Journal:

* A week ago I wrote a different introductory paragraph here.  I've decided to change it to this instead:

My husband wants you to know that he didn't say he got "pooped" on. He said another word, a word I chose not to write in my piece for Good Letters and a word I decided to edit out of this blog post, primarily because I want my kids to not get mixed messages from me about what language we use and what language we don't use.  I've been working on a much longer piece on when, or why, or if we should use the words that we call curse words and I'm not done and I'm not sharing it right now, but that little paragraph has helped me get a little clarity. I experimented with cursing a lot in that earlier version of this paragraph, then I felt uneasy and took that unease as a cue to go back and change it.  An interesting fact about vulture drop…

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