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a visit with bell

Ok, so this is a picture of the kids and me in bell hooks living room. When I shared this little tidbit on social media, a friend texted me, "Josina, what kind of life are you living???? bell hooks? omg." So, yeah, about a year ago I got this really clear vision that I would need to leave my work at the intentional community where we were living so that I could be faithful and focused on this calling of writing. And this year has been full of travel, writing and doors swinging open wide and blessings pouring out.  If you want the long story of how I ended up in bell hooks' living room read the next few paragraphs.  If you just want a summary of our visit, scroll down to just below the photo of the waterfall.  Thanks for reading and I hope you get inspired to live the life you were made to live.

I went to two summer writing workshops at the Collegeville Institute in Minnesota and each time I have been assigned a roommate.  As someone who loves family and community but al…

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